SFX Issue 214

This month we find out what the people behind Lost have got in store for us in time-warping prison sage Alcatraz ...

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On sale Wednesday 21 September .

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Banged Up

The folks behind Lost talk us through Alcatraz , a show featuring a mysterious island, time-travel and Hurley . Sounds familiar? Don’t be too sure...

The Fall Guys

We take a look at the best new and returning TV heading our way this Autumn, including Fringe , Chuck , Supernatural , The Walking Dead , Once Upon A Time , Grimm and much, much more...

Merlin’s Beard

Our Dave G has a nose around on the set of the new series of Merlin , and discovers face-fuzz, new characters and testosterone aplenty...

Karen Gillan

The Doctor’s companion talks Scream , Inverness and Elvis in Heroes And Inspirations.

Holy X-box, Batfans

Batman is back, breaking bones with wild abandon as Arkham Asylum follow-up Arkham City finally nears arrival. Excited is not the word...

Don’t Miss

Spoiler Zone

Alphas , Eureka , Falling Skies , Haven , Teen Wolf , Torchwood: Miracle Day , True Blood and Warehouse 13 are all watched and rated...

Red Alert

We get the inside skinny on The Three Musketeers , speak to Fringe ’s Anna Torv, find out Dolph Lundgren’s favourite sci-fi and find out what to expect in the season four of The Clone Wars .


Conan The Barbarian , Real Steel , Midnight In Paris , Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark , Final Destination 5 , Thor , Firefly , Fringe , Snuff , The Incal and Dead Island are all put through the SFX wringer, plus many, many more!

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