The SFX Hot Topic: Doctor Who

What did you make of Doctor Who series nine?

So you've just watched the finale of Doctor Who series nine. Now it's time to break out the Confession Dial and tell us exactly what you thought of the Time Lord's latest run of adventures.

Was Peter Capaldi's second series as the Doctor better than his first? Did you prefer rock 'n' roll midlife crisis Twelve to the starchier, grumpier version we met last year? Missing Clara already - or happy to say goodbye to the Impossible Girl? What was your favourite episode? Your favourite moment? Your favourite monster?

More crucially, where does Doctor Who go from here? What do you want to see on your TV screens when the TARDIS rematerialises next year?

Of course you don’t just have to write to us about Doctor Who. Feel free to share your thoughts on anything and everything under the multiple suns of the geek universe, from JJ Abrams to Jessica Jones. Get writing and you could see your thoughts immortalised in print in the next issue of SFX!

Post in the comment thread below, or email us at, using the subject line “HOT TOPIC: Doctor Who series nine”. You can also tweet us at @sfxmagazine, using the hashtag #sfxhottopic, or join us on Facebook.

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