SF and Fantasy's 20 Most Irritating Characters 5

5 Tom Bombadil
Lord Of The Rings

Role: Ancient, benevolent earth spirit, reminder of Earth’s younger days. Hobbit rescuer.

The painful truth: Irritating poetry-spouting buffoon with a dubious interest in ponies. Bearded hippy freak inexplicably married to a beautiful nymph. Fatty Lumpkin’s “special” friend. “Tom Bombadillo, his boots are green his britches yellow.” Bombadil, the sixth-form soliloquist of Lord of the Rings, has been wisely left out of every adaptation of the book so far.?In himself not a bad concept, his garden gnome joviality, exacerbated by Tolkien’s penchant for his own execrable poetry, removes any dignity from the idea.


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