Seven and the Astroneers come to comics in the Astroneer: Countdown trailer

Astroneer: Countdown, Titans Comics' graphic novel adaption of indie game developer System Era Softworks' Astroneer video game universe hits comic book shops, bookstores, and digital readers in March and the publisher has released a new trailer.

According to Titan, the all-ages adventure follows friendly but bored Astroneer Seven as he ventures into the Boreas System and finds a mysterious crystal that catapults him across time and space.

Astroneer: Countdown cover (Image credit: Titans Comics / System Era Softworks)

But taking the crystal also threatens the fabric of the planet and starts a chain reaction that could destroy the entire universe.

Seven and his "ragtag crew of Astroneers must traverse the infinite" to return the crystal to Boreas before it's too late.

The graphic novel is written by Dave Dwonch, David Pepose, Jeremy Lawson, and M. Goodwin and illustrated by Xenia Pamfil, Eryk Donovan, Lawson, and Goodwin.

"What begins as an epic quest to gather crucial resources turns into a crisis of identity and belonging," reads the description. "Will the discovery of the mysterious time-and-space bending crystals rescue Seven from his troubles, or will they only cause more chaos?"

Astroneer is an adventure game that tasks players with exploring space to dig, build, and survive across seven different planets with unique traits and biomes. Initially released as an Early Access title on Steam in 2016, Astroneer fully released in 2019 and continues to receive updates.

According to Titan, readers can redeem a unique, exclusive cosmetic game code from inside each Astroneer graphic novel. Here's a couple of first look pages from the graphic novel:

Astroneer: Countdown goes on sale March 27.

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