Sensible Soccer

When you're in control of a player an arrow appears at his feet, pointing in the direction that your kicks will travel. It takes some getting used to, but with some training you can run in one direction and send a shot in the other. Point the arrow at the goal, hold a button for power to release the shot, then use the directional controls to add insane amounts of aftertouch and curl the ball around the keeper. Repeat.

There's none of the canyon-deep tactical heaviness of Pro Evo, but Sensible Soccer's quick-fire footballing is as enjoyable as it is addictive. It's never going to replace Pro Evo as the god almighty of football games, but Sensi is a big bag of fun, especially in the manic four-player option. There're still issues though - a close-in camera view would be a great addition to the finished game, and a budget price wouldn't harm matters either. We'll have a full review real soon.

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