Sega's new Beat

January 3, 2008

Sega has released a bunch of new Sega Superstars Tennis screens and there's much to get excited about for any long-term Sega fan. The best news here is that Beat from Jet Set Radio is making an appearance. He gets to serve up some slightly less-vandalous mischief in Shibuya bus terminal (now another tennis court)- and we hope this means Professor K will make a cameo as an umpire or something. And if Beat's in, then surely, surely our favourite graffiti girl Gum is too. Fingers crossed.

It all looks nicely rendered and the NiGHTS-themed court is pretty much a straight lift from the Wii game's Aqua Garden level. Itdoes make us wonder how good the jester's new game would have looked on Xbox 360... but never mind, we like what we're seeing here.

Other characters seen as playable include Sonic, his nemesis Dr Robotnik, Sonic's 'bit of fluff' Amy Rose, Ulala from Space Channel 5, The Super Monkey Ball crewand the Samba de Amigo monkey. All we need now is Tillis from Burning Rangers and the Hornet from Daytona USA (not actually so ridiculous - rememberthis happened ) and we'll be in geeky Sega heaven.

See the rest of the new 360 screenshere.

Above: The court's covered in water and NiGHTS gets to fly. Hardly a fair match...

Justin Towell

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