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Sega resurrects more Dreamcast AND Michael Jackson: Space Channel 5 pt 2 is going HD

Due for HD re-release on XBLA and PSN early in 2011, the gloriously funky, kitschtastic rhythm action game from the developer of Rez is, to me at least, the most exciting addition to Sega's Dreamcast revisitation to date. Though that's possibly because I played the crap out of Crazy Taxi on the DC and always hated Sonic Adventure. Sega Bass Fishing is also on the way, but well, without the fishing rod controller I'm considerably less pumped.

Anyway, screenshots abound!

It's interesting that Sega has chosen to jump straight in with part 2 here rather than releasing the first game, well, first. Though it's perhaps advisable, given that the firstone's pre-rendered backdropswould probably look as attractive as a dead warthog when blown upto HD.

This one on your digital shopping list?

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