Sega bringing the Yakuza to the UK

Sega is bringing Yakuza, its free roaming PS2 scrapper to the UK this summer.

Released in Japan last year as Ryuu ga Gotoku, the game lets you loose on the streets of Tokyo in control of Kiryu Kazuma, a sharp suited Yakuza member recently released after spending 10 years inside for murder.

Unfortunately Kiryu is only allowed to savour a few moments of freedom before he's embroiled in a mystery involving 10 billion missing Yen and the disappearance of a girl called Haruka. He must use his fists and wits while negotiating the murky Japanese underworld to solve the mystery and save the girl.

Developed by in an in-house Sega team, Yakuza uses a specially designed combat system that allows gamers to chain combos together while also using the surrounding environment to inflict damage; Kiryu can smash opponents into walls, throw them into tables or pick up objects and wrap them round thugs' heads.

There's also a strong RPG element with Kiryu roaming the streets making contacts and gathering information, and he can constantly upgrade and develop his skills and attributes.

Yakuza will be released for PS2 this summer