See Doctor Who art at new exhibition

Doctor Who fan? Live in the South West? Then you might fancy popping along to Out of the Box and Beyond, a new exhibition which opened its doors at the weekend and continues until 2 June.

It showcases art by the British artist Graham Humphreys, who regularly produces the gorgeous box art for Product Enterprise's series of Doctor Who collectables (y'know, like the remote control old-school Daleks) - such as the Peter Cushing piece above. Back in the day he also produced promotional art for horror flicks like The Evil Dead (and he's worked for SFX too: clearly, he is the creme de la creme!)

The exhibition is on at Rook Lane Chapel, Bath Street in Frome (and trust us, that makes it the most exciting thing to happen in Frome for decades). Don't won't to venture to Frome? (and we wouldn't blame you, it's a bit like Deliverance country, with less banjo fun) No worries - toodle along to the Product Enterprise website , where they're selling limited edition prints of Graham's work.