See Virtua Tennis 3 in action

Sega has served up a new video for Virtua Tennis 3, the next generation in the best tennis series around, and it looks brilliant. It's not so much the super-sharp visuals that impress the most, but the new, liquid-smooth animation that the next-gen power of PS3 and Xbox 360 can throw around.

All the regular Virtua Tennis features make an appearance - career mode, technique-enhancing minigames and a superbly intuitive control system. And Virtua Tennis 3 is set to add more of everything, with brand new minigames and special animations to enhance each player's characteristics - Federer's iron-jawed victory grimace, for instance, or Henman's often premature fist-pumping celebration.

Disappointingly, Virtua Tennis 3 isn't out until next year, so we've got at least one Wimbledon to sit through before we can show the professionals how it's done... electronically, at least.

June 12, 2006

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