See The Cast Of Stallone's Inglourious Basterds Beater

Forrest Whitaker is reportedly in negotiations to join Sylvester Stallone’s men-on-a-mission movie The Expendables.

The Hollywood Reporter has it that Whittaker is close to signing on.

Sly has slowly been building his team, which sounds like a cult thesp match-up to rival Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds.

So who is on board for his tale of mercenaries heading to South America to take out a dictator? Here’s our handy guide.

Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone)

Repeating his Rocky/Rambo trick of directing and starring, Sly nabbed one of the leading roles for himself. He proved in Rambo that he’s still got the action chops.


Lee Christmas (Jason Statham)

JS has become something of a go-to action man, so it’s not surprising he’d be recruited for this. Just hope he doesn’t try an American accent…


Kong Kao (Jet Li)

Shockingly, Li has decided to hold off his retirement for one more film (we suppose it doesn’t count as a strictly martial arts movie), and it’ll be good to see him kicking arse.


Randy Couture

No character name for mixed martial arts star Couture (last seen in Red Belt), but we’re expecting something culty and cool sounding. Mike Smash, anyone?


Agent Will Sands (Forrest Whittaker)

If he signs, Whittaker will take the role of the team’s CIA liaison, who sends them off on his duty. But since he works for the CIA, does he have another agenda?


Dolph Lundgren

He’s not 100% confirmed yet, but who doesn’t want to see The Dolph get a career boost from this hard-boiled action plan?


Mickey Rourke

Brand new for today! Rourke will play one of the team sent into South America to take down a dictator.

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