See the Avatar Interactive Trailer!

Feeling Avatar 'd out, yet? Here's a pep for any flagging anticipation levels...

It's a sickeningly cool Adobe Air app that features the lengthy (and best) Avatar trailer, with Blu-Ray-style pop-up options allowing access to character profiles and making-of shorts.

It also houses all of the existing trailers and integrates the official Avatar Twitter, Flickr and YouTube feeds. So it can sit on your desktop and keep you automatically updated with all the latest pics, video and Twitterings...

Movie industry, take note. We'd like all of our trailers to be like this in the future, please.

Get it here.

See a preview of the new Total Film Magazine here - with Avatar cover feature and exclusive 36-page James Cameron supplement.

What do you think? Supercool tech or OTT marketing gizmo that just makes you feel like you've already seen the movie?