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See 7 Images From The Dark Knight NES Game!

Imagine a world in which the NES was fighting with the PS3 and the Xbox 360 on shop shelves.

Now imagine that Nintendo had got the exclusive rights to a Dark Knight videogame. Now head for the gallery to your right to see what the graphics would look like.

Because we may not live in a land where the NES is still king but we do breathe the same air as youtube genius El Macbee, who has painstakingly created a fake SNES Dark Knight title-screen, complete with an 8-bit interpretation of James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer’s score.

It's genuinely brilliant, and you can watch it below.

C'mon Nintendo, get someone to come up with some side-scrolling gameplay, then code, package and release it! We'll all buy a NES off ebay, we promise!