Secret police invade KOXM

People calling you unrepeatable names and showing you their wangs on Xbox Live - that's all part of the fun, isn't it? Not really - the February 2007 issue of Official Xbox Magazine (the one with Oblivion on the cover) includes a nice big article on exactly how Microsoft deals with the griefers, spoilers, joykillers, and amateur pornographers who like to show you their junk in Uno. Better still, as part of the article, one of the editors deliberately tried to get kicked off Xbox Live by being as antisocial as possible... and failed.

Above: OXM deliberately tried to get booted off Xbox Live with this account - and failed. Their podcast reveals why

To that end, this week's KOXM podcast features a follow-up interview with the Xbox Live secret police - whose full names and titles you are truly not allowed to know - about the aftermath of the article's experiment, while addressing a few reader questions about exactly what happens when you're kicked off Xbox Live. If you play by the rules, you're never going to hear from these guys any other way, so it's worth a listen. Hit or search for "OXM" in the iTunes podcast directory.

January 26, 2007