Second Sight unveiled

Second Sight plunges you headlong into a baffling world of paranormal activity, amnesia, sinister human experimentation and - yes - guns galore.

John Vattic is having a bad day. A very bad day. Emerging from a coma in a sinister US medical facility, he doesn't even know his own name, let alone what he's doing here.

Cue the flashbacks, then: Siberia, covert operation, unsettling new psychic powers. It's enough to send a man unhinged. Oh, and you'll be stumbling, shellshocked, across a sinister conspiracy involving a sickening abuse of power. Bloody typical.

We'll bring you more details on this exciting project from one of the most highly rated developers on Earth as it emerges. Until then, we suggest you examine the first screenshots (right)closely for clues...

Second Sight is nearing completion and will hit PS2, Xbox and Gamecube this Autumn