Season: A letter to the future brings idyllic cycling to PS5 this Fall

Season: A letter to the future is bringing peace, tranquility, and breathtaking views to PS4 and PS5 sometime this Fall, developer Scavengers Studio revealed today.

This isn't the first we've heard of Season: A letter to the future, which was revealed back at the 2020 Game Awards as simply Season. But since it's been some time since we last heard about it, just imagine all of the soothing, atmospheric, moody indie vibes you've ever seen distilled into a single game, and you have a decent enough idea of Season: A letter to the future. Against a backdrop of dynamic sunsets, rolling fields, farmlands, quaint villages, and waterfalls, you'll bike around snapping pictures  and recording sounds, learning about the various characters you'll meet, and taking in the scenes.

The story centers around Estelle, a young woman who is the first in generations to leave her idyllic home village, which is "safe from the turmoil of changing seasons." Outside the village there's a mysterious change happening around Estelle, and it's your job to use your camera and other tools to capture, record, and peel back the layers of her new world. It's all very vague and thoughtful and indie, but there's no denying there's a transportive quality to the art direction and music.

It's worth noting that despite what appears to be a Very Chill game in Season, there have been reports of toxic behavior at the top of Scavengers Studio, including inappropriate behavior by the CEO and a general "boys' club culture." Sources at the studio told GamesIndustry last year that the studio is largely made up of passionate creatives, but that a toxic work environment had stemmed from the studio's co-founders.

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