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Search: Start PS3 trailer ready to roll

Sony'snew 'Search: Start PS3' TV advertising campaignbegins tomorrow in Europe and, in a refreshing break from the rather abstract adverts of recent years, it actually explains what the product can do. What a novel approach. Personally, we quite liked the Champions League vulture, but it didn't tell us much about the console, did it? Check out the advert in full right here:

With the features laid out in a list like that, it is quite surprising to see how far the console has come, from the excellent VidZone music video service to the new official PS3BBC iPlayer. It would have been nice to see some gameplay footage from Uncharted 2 or similar, but - hey - it's a step in the right direction.

The ad finishes upwith the very attractive new £249.99 price point and equally attractive PS3 Slim, which launches on September 1. We've already got our mitts on one, which you can see through the links below.

Do you like the advert? Let us know in the comments.

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25 Aug, 2009