Sean Bean thumbs a lift on The Hitcher remake

From now on, Sheffield-born thesp Sean Bean might have a little trouble trading his lady-wooing Sharpe looks for lifts on lonely roads at night. That’s because he’s just signed on the dotted to step into Rutger Hauer’s shoes as the serial slasher in the remake of The Hitcher. We bet those shoes smell.

Michael Bay’s horror re-slash factory Platinum Dunes has grabbed music video veteran Dave Meyers to direct the new version, which, with a script by Eric Bernt (Romeo Must Die), will again follow a young couple driving across country who pick up a stranger. Sadly for them, the man turns out to be a total psycho, blaming all of his slaughters on the young man who so kindly offered him a lift. Now that’s gratitude.

Also along for the ride is Sophia Bush, last seen in motorbike drama Supercross, but probably better known for TV’s teen-angst-ridden series One Tree Hill. Bean will get into the killing mood later this month in Austin, Texas.