Sea of Thieves 120Hz mode for Xbox Series X launches today

sea of thieves
(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

In Sea of Thieves' new update today, developer Rare snuck in a new 120Hz mode for the game on Xbox Series X.

A slate of new Sea of Thieves patch notes were published on the game's official website earlier today on January 28. Buried down near the bottom of the extensive patch notes is a section for the new 120Hz performance mode for Sea of Thieves on Xbox Series X, with Rare reminding players that not all TVs support 120Hz and HDR simultaneously.

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This new 120Hz mode update for the Xbox Series X version of Sea of Thieves arrives in an update introducing new seasons to Rare's game. Back in December, Rare revealed that seasons would be replacing monthly content drops for their pirate game, and the first season would launching in January.

Now on January 28, the debut season for Sea of Thieves has kicked off, marking the first battle pass available for purchase in-game. This battle pass will run you around $10, and gives you the chance to rank up through the 100 total Pirate Renown tiers, earning rewards across 10 total progression tiers.

Thankfully, progress on levelling up your Pirate Renown isn't tied to loot handed into vendors. There are hundreds of different activities you can undertake to earn progress towards the game's new battle pass system, including brand new challenges called Trials.

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