Scott Pilgrim creator has “very little involvement” in the video game re-release

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The original creator of the Scott Pilgrim comic book series says that a “communication breakdown” meant that he had almost no idea that a re-release of the 2010 video game adaptation was in the works. Speaking with Kotaku after the title’s renewed availability was announced at last night’s Ubisoft Forward, Bryan Lee O’Malley clarified his lack of involvement with the project.

O’Malley says that he assumes Ubisoft has been working on the game for some time, while film distributor Universal Pictures was supposed to let him know the re-release was in the works. Apparently, however, there was a “communication breakdown”, and O’Malley never found out about the project.

The Scott Pilgrim game first released in August 2010, but was delisted on all platforms four years later. In May this year, with the game’s tenth anniversary looming, O’Malley tweeted “bring back the Scott Pilgrim game”, which Ubisoft replied to with a single emoji, which O’Malley says was because “their PR people thought I knew about [the re-release] and was being a tease".

O’Malley didn’t say exactly when he was told about the project, but confirmed that he has “very little involvement” in it, that “none of the original creators are working on the re-release,” and that “I don’t make money off the video game.” He does, however, suggest that a physical release is a possibility, and has previously mentioned conversations with collectibles company iam8bit.

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While the financial compensation offered by the game is minimal, it looks like O’Malley takes this as something of a win for video game longevity in general, tweeting out a “huge thank you to the fans who never shut up about the Scott Pilgrim game.

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