Sci-Fi Bargains Of The Week

Zombie slippers, plush USS Enterprise, The Matrix, Knight Rider and more in this week's hunt for affordable sci-fi goodness

Hello there. Another week rolls by and our ever cheap and ever cheerful Friday bargains roundup is here again to help you spend the cash you didn’t know you wanted to spend. Follow us for some tempting deals and low cost thrills from around the internet…

First up this week Zavvi have a couple of offers on. They have a 2 Blu-rays for £12 offer where you can find such titles as Stealth, District 9 and Zombie Strippers . Zavvi also had a 3 for £18 offer on as well where we spotted Land of the Dead, Videodrome and Peter Jackson’s King Kong . Check ‘em out.

Over on Amazon this week we found season one of The Big Bang Theory on DVD for £8.97 . Season one of Community on DVD for £10.97 and the complete Voyager boxed set again on DVD for £59.97 .

On the movie front Amazon had The Matrix trilogy on Blu-ray for £12.97 and a Resident Evil boxed set on DVD for £8.97 .

We also spotted the two Robert Downey Jr. starring Sherlock Holmes on a double DVD set or a double Blu-ray set for the same £12.97 price tag.

Over on Play this week we found the Beauty and the Beast alike film Beastly on a DVD/Blu-ray double pack for £7.49 .

The cameo laden comedy road trip Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was on Blu-ray for £7.99 .

On the TV front Play had the Ultimate Knight Rider seasons one to four in a DVD boxed set for £49.39 .

For fans of vampires we spotted The Vampire Diaries seasons one and two in a Blu-ray set for £31.90 and season one and two of True Blood together on Blu-ray for £28.54 .

As usual this week we popped out to the supermarkets to see what we could find. In Morrison’s we spotted quite a few cheap DVDs. They had organ removing fun with Repo Men and Death taking a holiday in Meet Joe Black , both on DVD for £2 , also on DVD we spotted Legion, The Losers , and Hanna for £3 each and a DVD boxed set containing both Nanny McPhee films for £5 . On the TV front Morrison’s had season one of both the BBC’s Sherlock and ITV’s Primeval for £5 each.

Over in Asda we found crazy prison in space action with Lockout on DVD for £11.97 and on Blu-ray for £13.97 . The board game becomes a film Battleship for £10 on DVD. Asda also had a Mummy trilogy Steelbook for £7 , the Omen trilogy for £10 and the RoboCop trilogy for £10 as well. On the TV front Asda had seasons three and four of Futurama for £10 each and season three of The Big Bang Theory for £10 as well.

From the forum this week Count Libido suggests Jaime Hernandez’ Love and Rockets books. The first volume can be found in the Forbidden Planet sale for £4.99 and subsequent volumes are also available in the sale too.

Midnighter told us that his local Morrison’s have the first series Lego Star Wars planets sets for £4.98 each. They also have the first series Star Wars Fighter Pods for £2.50 and the blind packs for 98p .
Midnighter also spotted the second series of the Lego Star Wars planets sets - or at least the Endor and AT-ST ones - for £6 in his local Asda too. Asda also had The Adjustment Bureau and Sucker Punch on DVD for £3 and X-Men: First Class for £5 .

Buffster brought news that the Xena: Warrior Princess boxed set we told you about last month has dropped down in price to £37.97 .

The world of space ships and teddy bears crash together in this plush USS Enterprise , with photon torpedo sound effects and light up nacelles, this cuddleship can be yours for £17.99 .

Finally for this week we have space food… Developed for the Apollo missions, these deliciously healthy treats have been frozen to -40c, vacuum dried and sealed in special foil pouches. You can pick up Ice Cream sandwich, Mint Choc Chip or Neapolitan for £3.59 each or the whole lot for £7.59 .