Sci-Fi Bargains Of The Week

Another week has flown by and yet again we’ve scoured the many corners of geekdom to bring you cheap stuff. Well, we surfed the internet while munching donuts and slurping coffee... But our hearts are in the right place. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another SFX Friday Bargains Round-up…

First stop this week is the ever-bountiful Amazon “Deals of the Week” offers. The BBC’s Dirk Gently series is available this week on DVD for just £9.47 .

Next we have some classic TV shows for you; how about some original ’60s Addams Family ? You can pick up the season one to three box-set on DVD for a spooky £15.97 .

More classic TV; Tales From The Dark Side seasons one and two are available from Amazon for just £9.97 each.

Next up we have the Twilight Zone ’s lesser-known cousin. All 32 episodes of the original ’60s The Outer Limits series can be yours on DVD for £11.99 . Season two is also available for £10.99 and contains another 17 episodes of spooky sci-fi goings on. If the 1960s isn’t your thing then you can get the first season of the show’s 1995 remake on DVD for £10.28 .

Another TV show from the 1990s next. A box-set containing seasons one and two of the Jerry O’Connell John/Rhys-Davies starring dimension jumping show Sliders is available on DVD for £13.62 from Amazon.

Zavvi has the extended cut of Zack Snyder’s Watchmen adaptation on Blu-ray for £8.95 . You can also pick the film up on DVD packaged with Tales Of The Black Freighter and Under The Hood , all for £5.95 .

While we’re with Zack Snyder films you can find his 2004 remake of Dawn Of The Dead on DVD for £3.95 or the slightly longer director’s s cut again on DVD for the same price.

Over on this week we spotted oddball superhero movie Super on Blu-ray for just £3.99 .

From the forum returning bargain hunter Silver Fox 67 told us that has a whole page of cheap Doctor Who DVDs , with prices starting as low as £5.49 for Pertwee era adventure ”Time Warrior” , £4.99 for Tom Baker’s ”Image Of The Fendahl” and just £1.99 for the ”Infinity Quest” animated adventure. There are plenty of bargains to be had. Check it out.

Mr Fox also told us that the Batman Begins/The Dark Knight Blu-ray/DVD/Digital set is available for £12 from Play and that Play also has the Lord Of The Rings Special Edition Blu-ray available for £38.99 .

In our weekly visit to Asda we spotted loads of cheap DVDs, including Ghost, Troll Hunter, The Road, Super 8, Hot Tub Time Machine and Green Lantern all for £5 each. We also saw season one of The Big Bang Theory for a fiver too. Other DVDs we spotted included Wall-E and Mars Needs Moms for £5 each, The Raven for £10 , season one of The Walking Dead for £12 and season six of Supernatural for £15 .

On the Blu-ray front Asda had Sin City for £5 and Drive Angry for £7 as well as a selection of sci-fi themed Blu-rays on sale for £7 each including Species, Alien, Aliens, The Fly, Predator, Legend and I Robot . Morrison’s and Tesco didn’t have anything new this week.

We have a Lego tastic random selection for you this week. It seems like all the good franchises are getting Lego deals these days. Our first find is the second series of the planet sets. The sets consist of a minifigures, a ship/vehicle model and a plastic planet which we reckon would make a great geeky Christmas bauble. This release consist of an X-Wing, pilot and Yavin set, a Cloud Car, Lobot and Bespin set and a Scout Walker, Scout Driver and Endor set. All for £9.99 . Asda has all three sets at the slightly cheaper £9.79 .

The first range of Lego Lord Of The Rings sets are available at the Lego website at prices from £11.99 to £99.99 . We recommend the ”Shelob Attacks” set, which is available for £19.99 , you get a teeny tiny Gollum and the Lego spider is just fantastic. You can find these sets a little cheaper if you search around, for example we found the Shelob set for 87p less here , however the Lego site has a really good points/special offer set up for people who sign up to the site and purchase their Lego there.

And finally on the Lego front, the Batman/Catwoman Lego set is on offer from Play for £8.99 .

For those of you who aren’t fans of Lego here’s a Men In Black “Frank the Pug” bobble-head for £24.99 .

Or how about some Star Trek coasters? . The set of four will cost you £7.99 from Play.

Our final random idea of the week comes again from Silver Fox 67 who spotted this Freddie Kruger glove on sale at Forbidden Planet for £3.99 .

Usual rules – If you find anything we’ve brought you this week cheaper somewhere else please mention it in the comments section below. We want as many bargains ideas for our readers as we can get. If anyone out there spots a sci-fi bargain they want to share over the coming week then please head over to our forum and mention it in the relevant thread. This thread is for bargain films and this one is for TV bargains , a thread for comics and graphic novels and finally this thread is for any random bargain you might find. Keep your eyes peeled for great offers for your fellow geek and maybe your find will be in the bargain list next time.