Netflix users are "fuming" over one small change in The School for Good and Evil

Jamie Flatters and Sophia Anne Caruso in The School for Good and Evil
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The School for Good and Evil has earned a mixed bag of reviews, but there's one detail in particular that's bothering fans. Directed by Bridesmaids helmer Paul Feig, the movie is based on the teen fantasy book of the same name by Soman Chainani, and one small thing has been changed for the film – Tedros, a blonde character in the books, is played by Jamie Flatters, a dark-haired actor, in the movie.

"Who cast Tedros and who approved? Where is my blonde prince?" tweeted one fan, with another echoing: "CAN’T BELIEVE TEDROS IS NOT BLONDE THOUGH.".

"Fuming. They made Tedros have black hair and not BLONDE!!!! WHYYYYY," said another fan, while one viewer tweeted: "FOREVER angered that Tedros' hair is NOT BLONDE in the School for Good and Evil movie."

The School for Good and Evil follows two friends, Sophie (Sophia Anne Caruso) and Agatha (Sofia Wylie) who find themselves chosen to attend the titular school. Split into two, one half educates the next generation of fairytale villains, while the other coaches a new cohort of heroes. The friends are split up and left to the mercy of the school's no-nonsense faculty, played by Kerry Washington and Charlize Theron.

"I never set out to make this a kids' movie, I really wanted it to be for everybody and so by doing that, it made me not try to pander to a younger audience or to pull our punches," Feig told Inside Total Film. "Netflix was very clear when I came on, because I'd said, 'Look, I don't want to do a kids' movie, I don't want this to be just light' and they were very much, 'No, we want to make this an anti-Disney movie, it can still be dark.' 

You can listen to our interview with The School for Good and Evil director Paul Feig on our podcast, Inside Total Film, and The School for Good and Evil is out now on Netflix. For more viewing inspiration, check out our picks of the other best Netflix movies to watch right now.

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