Scary Movie 5 on the way

We know times have been bleak of late. The economy is in the toilet, riots have rocked Britain’s streets and the summer weather has been a total non-starter. However, there is a silver lining… Scary Movie 5 is in the pipeline!

Dimension Films are reportedly hard at work resurrecting the spoof series that nobody was sad to see the back of, with Bloody Disgusting reporting that offers are on the table for some of the original cast to return.

So will Anna Faris be among the past luminaries to return for another helping? Well, not that we know of. So far, the cast members to receive offers are Regina Hall ( Scary Movie 1-4), Anthony Anderson ( Scary Movie 3-4) and Kevin Hart ( Scary Movie 3-4).

Initial reports had suggested that the franchise would be remade (that’s right, a remake of a spoof) but now it would appear that Dimension are after another straight sequel. The Comebacks writers Stephen Leff, John Aboud and Michael Colton have been approached to write the script.

No other details have been confirmed as yet, although remarkably, Dimension have stuck their neck out and slapped the project with a release date of 20 April 2012. Don’t all rush for your diaries at once.

George Wales

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