Save up to 35% on laptops with MSI’s Back to School promotion

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MSI is hosting its own back to school event this year, with up to 35% off a wide range of laptops. Whether you’re after a heavy duty creator rig or something friendlier to your Steam library, there are plenty of models and configurations included in this year’s sale, with prices starting from £849

First up we've got those all-important gaming machines. At the lower end of the price spectrum, you’ll be looking at the MSI Katana GF series. This range focuses on bringing high-end specs to a lower price point, so you’re already getting solid value before the current promotion kicks in. For example, you can pick up an RTX 3050 configuration (complete with the latest i7-12700H Intel processor) for £899 (was £1,099) for a full £200 off. 

If you’re after something capable of running more demanding games, though, it’s worth checking out the Pulse and Crosshair gaming laptops. Capable of running processors up to the Intel i9-12900H, these are for serious digital libraries, packing high-refresh rate displays and larger SSDs to keep all your schoolwork to hand as well. Rainbow Six lovers will also be excited to see a special edition Crosshair on the shelves, decked out with vibrant yellow accents and insignias. 

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Don’t like the idea of lugging a larger gaming laptop to college or university every day? The MSI Stealth might be the perfect fit. The slimline series still packs some impressive specs (including 240Hz refresh rate displays and Ti versions of Nvidia’s latest graphics cards), but does so in a streetwise form factor that keeps everything streamlined and subtle. Plus, with the Stealth GS66 and the Stealth 15M on the shelves, you’ve got options for both high and low budgets. MSI’s Back to School sale is hitting all of these machines right now, and some even come with additional accessories like headsets and backpacks included.

Of course, not everyone is going to need a full gaming rig with them day to day. That’s where MSI’s Creator and Business & Productivity series’ come into play. The former is designed to offer a premium content creation tool, with prices starting at just £1,399. You’re still getting all the graphical grunt you’ll need for media editing and the high resolution display for colour correction, but in a sleek chassis built for those on the move.

MSI Creator

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The cheapest laptops in this latest sale, though, are the Prestige series. These business machines drop dedicated graphics cards to keep their prices low, but maintain high efficiency processors for a super smooth experience. The smaller 14-inch form factor is perfect for slinging into a backpack, and you're still getting Intel's latest 12th generation CPUs under the hood. Prices start at £849 on these machines right now.

MSI's Back to School promotion is running from August 15th - September 30th 2022, and is available through a range of retailers.