Sandler and cavemen

Another year, another Adam Sandler comedy, albeit one that has benefited from the writing skills of Judd Apatow (you may have heard of him, as he’d had some success this year) and Robert Smigel, creator of Triumph The Insult Comic Dog.

The story follows Sandler’s Israeli super-soldier, a man trained in counter-terrorism, who is sick of the endless conflict in the Middle East and decides to switch professions by becoming, of all things, a hairdresser in New York. Despite a total lack of experience with snippery, he soon creates a huge buzz and impresses a sexy salon owner.

There are some chuckles in this footage, but we couldn’t help but choke back bile when Rob Schneider pops up doing yet another completely annoying character. Is it too much to hope for a quick death for him in the movie?

If you’re not put off by the thought of Schneider, click here to see the trailer. Sandler’s take on Munich will be in cinemas next year.

Also arriving today online is the full trailer for Roland Emmerich’s latest epic, 10,000 BC. The boys over at CHUD have the footage and, well, it’s certainly… mammothy. It’s also laden with more completed footage, but despite the clear spectacle (pretty much guaranteed with Emmerich, we’ve got to say the plot looks like it was an afterthought. A young warrior who turns out to be a hero with a destiny? Cheque please!

Still, we suppose they can claim it’s the first ever incarnation of the hero’s journey because of the time period. Have a gander here .

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