Samuel L Jackson chews scenery in Arena trailer

A trailer for fantasy fight-flick Arena , starring Samuel L. Jackson and Twilight: Breaking Dawn 's Kellan Lutz, has been released online.

Some films are pure Oscar-bait, packed with heartfelt, tragic performances that are bound to wow the Academy. Arena looks like it was made to sweep the board at The Razzies.

The film was originally titled 'Deathgames' and the plot sees David Lord (Lutz) taken prisoner and forced to battle to the death in a virtual gladiatorial arena.

Jackson is on his best scenery-gnawing form, playing the baddie who organises the fights. Shame the digital battleground appears to have been created for the original Sony PlayStation.

The absolute best moment in the trailer? The part where S-Jack gets his groove on - dancing with two female 'friends'. As Mastercard would say, priceless.

There's no UK release date yet for Arena .