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Sam Worthington Signs Up For Future Crimes

Sam (Terminator Salvation, Avatar, Clash Of The Titans) is set to further his SFX credentials by starring in a futuristic crime caper movie.

Based on a comic book from Radical Publishing (issue one of which is on sale in December), The Last Days Of American Crime is a heist thriller told against a sci-fi backdrop. The comic’s creator, Rick Remender, tells that, "It's really motivated by Mamet's Heist film and James Ellroy's American Tabloid, Ellroy being an example of the kind of hard-boiled crime that has a socio-political backdrop and Mamet's Heist a very well-thought out film that focuses on the heist itself."

Remender, whi will be taking a first stab at the script, says that announcements abot cast, director and studio will be coming fast: "Producer Michael Schwarz and Barry Levine have been working very hard on this. The people that they're bringing in are all big A-list Hollywood people."