Sam Raimis Going Somewhere Over The Rainbow

The former Spider-Man director to bring L Frank Baum’s Oz back to the big screen

Raimi, who was also in the midst of developing a World Of Warcraft film, and an adaptation of the Radical graphic novel Earp: Saints For Sinners , has confirmed that Oz will be the first of his projects to go in front of the cameras. Production is due the start next year and, guess what? It's going to be in 3D. Oh goodie.

Disney has also brought David Lindsay-Abaire on board to perform re-writes on the Mitchell Kapner ( The Whole Nine Yards ) script. Lindsay-Abaire, who recently adapted his Pulitzer Prize-winning play Rabbit Hole for the big screen, previously worked with Raimi on his aborted Spider-Man 4 . Hope that’s not a bad omen.