Sam Raimi sets his sights on The Hobbit?

Fan-boys are a fickle breed. One minute they’re castigating New Line for letting Peter Jackson walk away from The Hobbit, the next they’re getting all excited about the prospect of Sam Raimi taking over Elf-wrangling duties.

And their child-like glee looks set to increase ten-fold, after Raimi confirmed that he’s interested.

According to the LA Times , Sam’s started talking to the suits at Sony, telling them he’d like to sign on for the project, with at least two sources claiming that they “have heard the words out of the director's mouth.” Which is a relief, because we’d find it a bit weird if he started talking out of his elbow or whatever.

Jackson started out paying homage to Raimi on a low budget, now Raimi looks set to pay homage to Jackson on a massive budget. It’s a funny old film-world, ain’t it?

Source: ( LA Times )