Sam Raimi is set to direct the Poltergeist remake

Sam Raimi has produced a considerable number of horror films and remakes in recent years, and it looks as thought the Evil Dead and Drag Me To Hell director will be returning to the genre with the Poltergeist remake.

Raimi has been attached as a producer on the horror remake for some months now, although a recent THR (opens in new tab) article suggested that writer David Lindsay-Abaire ( Rabbit Hole , Oz: The Great And Powerful ) had confirmed that Raimi would be adding directing to his producing duties.

In a Rise Of The Guardians interview, Lindsay-Abaire confirmed that Raimi was directing Poltergeist . Raimi must be a fan of the Pulitzer Prize winning writer, as the article also reveals that Raimi came close to directing Rabbit Hole .

While we'll wait for official confirmation, either from Raimi or MGM, this is certainly pleasing news.

Admittedly, it’s extremely rare that we’ll get excited about a horror remake, but the involvement of Raimi as director completely changes the game.

It’s hard to image that an auteur with Raimi’s horror heritage would sign on for a bog-standard, join-the-dots retelling of the original film. Surely he’d only get involved if he could make it his own.

And presumably Lindsay-Abaire must have come up with an intriguing take on the script. Our optimism levels are rising rapidly on this one.

Raimi and Lindsay-Abaire next collaboration, Oz: The Great And Powerful , opens in the UK on 8 March 2013.

Matt Maytum
Deputy Editor, Total Film

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