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Sam Fisher on Twitter?

Ubisoft’s latest social media campaign features @Real_SamFisher, which purports to be the Twitter account of the super secret agent himself. He’s kicking down the 4th wall to bring you into his tortured world and let you know how is revenge plan is coming along.

Above: Sam’s just a regular pants-wearing guy who keeps old passports around for scratch paper

Conceptually the idea is fine, except for the part about it being totally unbelievable and not making any sense at all. The notion that the secretive spook would publish his plans/innermost feelingsin a public forum undermines the credibility of the exercise from the get go. So much for suspension ofdisbelief.To show that we don't totally hate the idea, though, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to rewrite @Real_SamFisher’s feed to make it more realstic. You’re welcome, Ubi.