Sad but true: Just Dance 2 best-selling third party Wii game of all time

Though Nintendo%26rsquo;s been doing its best lately to change the assumption that only Nintendo games sell on hardware like Wii and 3DS, it%26rsquo;s still the rule with few exceptions. Who could forget the unfortunate sales results when quality releases like Madworld, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, No More Heroes, Deadly Creatures, and Dead Space: Extraction tried to bring original content to Wii. Obviously something went wrong with those games, and if publishers want to avoid the same fate as those titles, maybe they should follow the example of the best-selling non-Nintendo game for Wii: Just Dance 2.

Yes this underdog, published by tiny publisher Ubisoft, overcame great odds to get to the top of the heap on Wii. We%26rsquo;re joking of course, but it is surprising that even with the massive marketing of Ubisoft that this casual, Technicolor %26ldquo;dance%26rdquo; game would become so huge, probably outselling all those other games we mentioned above hundreds of times over. Ubi wouldn%26rsquo;t give hard sales figures on Just Dance 2, but did mention the combined worldwide sales of Just Dance, Just Dance 2, and Just Dance Kids top 14 million. Yes, really.

Above: Even wolves love Just Dance

And the dancing is just getting started folks! Next week marks the release of Just Dance Summer Party, which has such awesome, fresh jams as Mambo No 5, Funkytown, and Kung Fu Fighting. And then this fall the contagion spreads from Wii to 360 and PS3 with Just Dance 3, so the fun NEVER HAS TO STOP!

Sigh%26hellip; maybe things will be different on Wii U.

Jul 15, 2011

Henry Gilbert

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