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Ryse: Son of Rome multiplayer reveal trailer

Crytek has taken the wraps off Ryse: Son of Rome’s Gladiator mode, a cooperative multiplayer experience which sees players battling it out against an evolving horde of enemies in the Coliseum.

Gladiator mode will allow players to customise their warriors using a variety of armour, weapons, shields and performance boosters, which will be purchasable using an in-game currency earned through combat victories. Real world money can also be spent to speed up progress unlocks, a Microsoft producer has told VideoGamer.

Ryse will offer 11 multiplayer maps at launch, with an additional bonus one available to those who purchase the Day One edition of the game. A key feature of the online battlegrounds are ‘dynamic tile sets’, which are inspired by the movable floor pieces used to recreate historic battles in the Colosseum, Scenery hidden beneath the surface will rise up to create new settings like strongholds, ruins and naval arenas.

Ryse was one of 23 Xbox One launch games announced during Microsoft’s Gamescom showcase, where it was also confirmed that every Xbox One pre-ordered in Europe will come bundled with a free copy of FIFA 14.