Ryan Reynolds wants to remake Dinner For Eight

The Green Lantern may be able to use his powers to create anything he can conjure up in his imagination, but if there's one script that film's star would like to make appear it's Dinner For Eight .

Ryan Reynolds told DVD & Blu-ray Review magazine that it's one of his favourite films and is ripe for a remake.

“I have movies that I could watch over and over and over again but if there's one film I'd like to remake it's Dinner For Eight . A bunch of society f*ckers all getting together and out-assholing each other. That could be done today,” he said.

It also sounds like one of the actor's other favourite films would be close to the top of his wish list if a studio was brave enough to think about doing a retread...

“I love The Philadelphia Story . I feel like it's timeless - you could do it now, you could do it then, you could do it at any point,” Reynolds told DVD & Blu-ray Review 's On The Couch section.

“The relationship between Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn is amazing and I would really like to see a film where you could do a dynamic like that nowadays.”

Issue 159 of DVD & Blu-ray Review magazine is out in 31 August 2011.