Ryan Reynolds joins AbleGamers to help people with disabilities play more games

Non-profit charity AbleGamers recently teamed up with actor Ryan Reynolds to help promote its cause: improving the lives of people with disabilities by helping them play video games. 

AbleGamers COO Steven Spohn joined Reynolds in a new short discussing the charity's history and goals. As Reynolds put it, "AbleGamers has been helping people with disabilities in gaming for over 15 years now. They've helped thousands and thousands of people all around the world as an international charity. But there are still thousands of people that are waiting to get the equipment that they desperately need."

Simply put, AbleGamers improves the quality of life of people with disabilities by providing specialized equipment that helps them play games. Setups range from modded controllers to tailor-made arrangements powered by hardware like the Xbox Adaptive Controller, whereas some users need mouth-operated devices like the QuadStick. Setups like these can make playing games more doable, less painful, or feasible to begin with, and they're a godsend for players whose disabilities otherwise limit their ability to play. 

It's a great video for a great cause, and as you'd expect, the addition of Ryan Reynolds adds an  unmistakable something that only the new face of Deadpool can provide. I don't know why Ryan Reynolds decided not to blink in the second half of the video, but I won't question his motivation. Good on him for turning down that $278 million speaking fee, too. 

You can support AbleGamers directly via this donation page, and you can find other ways to help out as well as more information on this FAQ.

QuakeCon starts today, and it will feature several video game-adjacent charities of its own.

Austin Wood

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