Rust dev cancels community meetup event following "IRL threat"

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Rust developer Facepunch games has cancelled a planned community meetup at GDC following an "IRL threat".

In a tweet posted to the studio's official Rust account, the team said that it was "not a statement" it was "happy to announce", but insisted that "developers are indeed humans" and had no choice but to cancel the event "when threats arise".

"This is not a statement we're happy to announce," the message begins, as spotted by PC Gamer. "Due to an IRL threat we must take seriously, we're going to have to cancel the GDC meetup in San Fran next week. 

"If you would like to show us portfolios, talk shop, or get feedback on your work, reach out via email!" the team added, sharing an email address so that fans could get in touch.

"It's important to remember the developers are indeed humans. When threats arise, we make their safety #1."

In a follow-up statement to PC Gamer, producer Alistair McFarlane, revealed that "community-facing staff see threats daily" from players who "lash out on social media", citing "cheat makers", in particular, as "often go[ing] to great efforts to target individual staff members".

McFarlane also revealed that some developers and their families have been doxxed, forcing them to "change personal details", which "often takes a heavy toll on their mental health".

"The overwhelming majority of fans are respectful and supportive," McFarlane added, "[but] there is always going to be a small subset of individuals who engage in threatening and abusive behaviour."

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