Horror heads, a new movie compared to Hereditary and The Babadook has hit Netflix

Run Rabbit Run
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Netflix is leaning into the scares with new thriller Run Rabbit Run. Starring Succession’s Sarah Snook, the movie has already drawn comparisons to other horror heavyweights like Hereditary and The Babadook, despite its very mixed reviews.

The movie stars Snook as a fertility doctor called Sarah who notices some strange behaviour from her daughter Mia (Lily LaTorre). The young girl becomes convinced that she has memories from another life, leading Sarah to confront everything she knows about life and death.

Given the subject matter, it’s not hard to see where those comparisons to other maternal horrors have come from. "Snook, of course, is typically excellent, fresh from her turn as Succession’s petulant, scheming Shiv Roy in another spiky role here," writes the Guardian review, "but even her performance, as it heightens towards a crazed delirium, recalls Toni Collette’s in Hereditary."

Meanwhile, Collider’s review suggests, "The entire experience feels eerily reminiscent of striking past Australian horror films such as The Babadook and the more recent Relic in how it tries to intertwine the petrifying elements with something more personal."

Total Film gave the film three stars writing that it’s a "taut mother-daughter chiller". "Together, Snook and LaTorre make for an admirable force, frequently generating an electric chemistry," writes our reviewer James Mottram. 

Other reviews of the movie have been much more mixed, with it currently sitting at just 35% critics and audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes

Despite a tepid critical reaction, the new thriller has been climbing up the streaming charts, despite only recently landing on Netflix. Currently, it’s in eighth place on the worldwide charts, behind other Netflix originals like Extraction 2 and The Perfect Find.

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