Rumours suggest God of War 4 is switching out Greek for Norse mythology

Given the fact that Kratos has pretty much slaughtered his way through the entire Greek section of your Classical Studies textbook from school, a different murder scene might make for a 'nice' change. We're in serious rumour territory here so lets pick up some fistfuls of salt but a number of sources have suggested that Norse mythology is the next setting for God of War 4.

A couple of tweets last night from prominent leaker Shinobi602 on Twitter - who has previously nailed Mass Effect Andromeda and Battlefield Hardline - suggested it was time to head to the "halls of Valhalla."

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This sent site NerdLeaks, which has now suspiciously disappeared entirely (opens in new tab) from the internet, hunting the website of concept artist Finnian MacManus who worked at Sony Santa Monica between September 2015 and December 2015 on an "unannounced project." The art that NerdLeaks found wasn't shown publicly on the site of MacManus (which is now also not available (opens in new tab)) but, according to Gematsu (opens in new tab), they dug it out of the site's source code.

You can see the swathes of concept images on Neogaf here (opens in new tab) but here's a couple of stand out images below. Yep, that's a bearded Kratos in the top image. The world of Thor and Loki would definitely be an incredible arena for Mr Seriously Furious to get his blades into, but we'll keep you updated.

The below images are especially interesting as they specifically use the words 'Kratos would' when discussing the environmental interaction and traversal but we'll have to wait and see.

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