Rumble Roses XX

Also, while each wrestler once again has a "Babyface" (hero) and "Heel" (villain with a really naughty costume) variation, each with a slightly different move set, you can now unlock a gaudy "Superstar" version as well. But even these variations pale next to what you can do in the create-a-wrestler mode. To be fair, this goes a lot deeper than just giving your wrestler a mammoth bust and then draping it in as little clothing as possible. You'll have full control over the rest of her physique, too, including her overall size and her muscle tone. This will actually affect her performance in the ring; a wrestler with ripped legs will be much faster and better able to resist submission holds than one with a softer look.

Due out March 28, Rumble Roses XX will have the distinction of being the first wrestling game on the 360, and possibly its best-looking game so far (aside from a few creepy face models, anyway). Provided it stays on track, it should have plenty of to offer wrestling fans, bachelors and misogynists who just want to see porn stars kick each other in the face.