Rumble Roses XX

The basic controls are a little stiff, but the throws and holds feel more refined and varied than in the last game. Just punching and kicking your opponent around has an easy, natural feel to it, as does launching boots-first off the turnbuckle. There also appears to be more to the game than just the squared circle, as the single-player mode will let you pick street fights and go shopping for accessories. Other improvements include a Tag Team mode that enables four-way catfights and a wealth of Xbox Live multiplayer options that let you team up against another tag team, gang up on a single opponent or just start a battle royale.

  1. And also unsettlingly broad shoulders
  2. Customize your wrestlers with garish fetish costumes. Do maids always beat up schoolgirls?
  3. Humiliate your opponent! Flash her panties at the audience while doing harm to the rest of her
  4. Your opponent needs to mash buttons to squirm out or she'll forfeit the match
  5. This meter will ... wait, does this say "body danger!" or "daddy?"
Mikel Reparaz
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