RonaldMiinho brings FIFA to Wii

Thursday 14 June 2007
What's this? For FIFA's first foray on Nintendo's Wii, Electronic Arts has broken with tradition - ie, attempting to make polygons look like people - and has turned long-time face of FIFA Ronaldinho into, well, just check it out for yourself:

"My character looks like he enjoys playing football and shares my passion for the game. This is important to me," Ronny tells us. "Whether you are playing football on the pitch or my party games in FIFA 08 on Wii, it should be a fun and enjoyable experience."

Ronaldinho will host Wii's exclusive Footii Party games - think keepie uppy, table football and the like. Of course, all of FIFA 08 on Nintendo's console will use motion controls, which Electronic Arts reckons will turn it into "a physical, social activity". Can anyone see the bruises yet?

We think Ronaldinho's Mii persona looks great, though - it certainly captures his ever-smiling mug with perfect personality. In fact, despite the simplified approach, we think we prefer this look to Ronaldinho's previous apperances in FIFA's history. What do you think?

FIFA Football 04 (2003)
This pre-Barcelona Ronny - hence the Paris Saint-Germain kit - isn't too detailed, but we can still tell it's him.

FIFA Street (2005)
A slightly cartoonified look makes Ronaldinho instantly recognisable - and they even included his famous teeth!

FIFA 06 (2005)
Back in the 'real' FIFA, Ronald looks a bit vague and smudged, but he's got a nice ponytail.

FIFA 06 (Xbox 360 edition, 2005)
FIFA's first next-gen version gives Ronny better hair and a far more expressive mug.

FIFA Street 2 (2006)
Ronny looks indistinguishable from his original Street counterpart, though his ears look a little smaller.

FIFA 07 (2006)
We think this is the best 'realistic' interpretation of Ronaldinho, without looking too mannequin-like.

FIFA 08 (Xbox 360 edition, 2007)
Is it us, or does Ronaldinho look a bit like a zombie here? Very realistic, but can we make him stop rolling his eyes back into his head, please?

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