Ron Lim reunites with Captain America 30 years after 'Streets of Poison'

Captain America #383 cover by Ron Lim
Captain America #383 cover by Ron Lim (Image credit: Ron Lim (Marvel Comics))

Veteran Marvel artist Ron Lim is stepping in as guest artist on United States of Captain America #4 (opens in new tab)'s lead story. Lim replaces series artist Dale Eaglesham, who has drawn the first three issues. Eaglesham is still expected to draw United States of Captain America #5 (opens in new tab), the limited series' finale.

United States of Captain America #4 cover by Gerald Parel (Image credit: Gerald Parel (Marvel Comics))
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Ron Lim is no stranger to Captain America. While he's best known for his work on the cosmic side of the Marvel U with Infinity Gauntlet (opens in new tab) and Silver Surfer (opens in new tab), Lim was the series artist of Captain America from March 1990 to June 1991, during the iconic run by the late, great writer Mark Gruenwald. Lim drew issues Captain America #366 - #386 (missing only two issues (#367 and #379), which included the memorable storylines 'The Bloodstone Hunt' and 'Streets of Poison.'

United States of Captain America #4 is the penultimate chapter of this Captain America team-up book with other Captain Americas. In this issue, US Agent and the Winter Soldier join up with Captain America and Sam Wilson to fight a "vicious Captain America imposter and his shadowy patrons."

United States of Captain America #4 will also reveal the latest 'local' Captain America as part of the Captains Network: Ari Agbayani, a Filipino-American college student. Read more about the latest Captain America Ari Agbayani here.

United States of Captain America #1 (opens in new tab) and #2 (opens in new tab) are available now, while #3 (opens in new tab) goes on sale on August 25. United States of Captain America #4 goes on sale on September 22, with the final issue expected on October 20. 

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