Rome Total War spreads

Friday 5 May 2006
The latest expansion pack for Creative Assembly and Sega's hit real-time-strategy game, Rome Total War, is called Alexander and will be available for download this June.

Alexander will allow gamers to take part in the battles influenced by one of history's greatest generals - Alexander the Great - who conquered most of the world known to the Ancient Greeks before his death.

The new pack offers up to 30 hours of gameplay thanks to a new campaign map which will chart Alexander and his unification of Greece, and the conquering of the Persian Empire. Brian Blessed will narrate cutscenes between battles to relate Alexander's remarkable story to gamers.

60 new units will be included in the game thanks to the addition of six new factions, including the Macedonians and the Persians. There will also be six new battles for LAN and online use, featuring Alexander against Greek, Persian and Indian troops.

Above: Learn about the tactics used by the all-conquering Alexander