Rockstar hosting GTA IV multiplayer event tonight for GTA III anniversary

Rockstar is throwing an open celebrity fragfest today in celebration of Grand Theft Auto III's 10th anniversary. Tonight from 10pm - 1am London time (5pm - 8pm EST), studio reps and former GTA III 'fansite luminaries' will be meeting up online for some GTA IV multiplayer action and inviting fans to join them for the chance to win a GTA III Anniversary prize pack.

The event is part of Rockstar's month-long ode to all things GTA III. Players who wish to join the online party are instructed to sign up for a Rockstar Games Social Club account and track down the Rockstar hosts in the Multiplayer Events page. Those that do, and enter their info for the 'Sweepstakes Entry', will be eligible to win a GTA III grand prize pack containing two custom made Grand Theft Auto PlayStation 3 controllers, a limited edition Claude action figure, GTA III mug with a brass knuckle handle, and a batch of Rockstar stickers.

Even if you don't win the big prize, you'll still have a chance to take home one of 20 GTA III runner-up packs featuring Rockstar swag. More importantly, you'll have spent time playing with the company behind one of the most influential sandbox games of all time, as well as a handful of notable fansite personalities from places like GTANet,, and the Granted, you may not actually know any of these people, but we hear they're cool.

The promotion is branded as a PSN exclusive, however Rockstar has noted some of its guests will be playing on XBLA, and it has invited fans to “feel free to join in on either platform.” In addition, while the studio will be playing from the Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition disc, it says any version will do. For complete instructions on how to meet up with Rockstar for its multiplayer promotion, or to just watch the festivities via live streaming, visit the studio's website.

Oct 21, 2011

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