Rocksmith+ delayed to 2022 as Ubisoft works to "incorporate user feedback"

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Guitar learning platform Rocksmith+ has been delayed to 2022 to give Ubisoft time to act on player feedback from the game's summer beta.

"To ensure we provide the best guitar learning service, we have decided to delay Rocksmith+ until 2022," Ubisoft UK said in a tweet. "We will use this opportunity to incorporate user feedback from our closed beta. We are convinced that this new release plan will give us time to deliver a smooth experience for all guitar and bass lovers. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We can't wait to share more about Rocksmith+ soon."

Revealed at E3 2021, Rocksmith+ was pitched as an interactive way to learn the guitar or bass by using your phone as both a microphone and a musical resource. The app would provide new songs, note-by-note instruction, chord charts, note detection, video tutorials, and real-time feedback, according to the reveal and launch trailers. 

Rocksmith+ first became available through a closed beta that began in early June and ended in late July. The reasoning behind Ubisoft's decision to delay the app speaks to the volume of feedback the beta surfaced, and the replies to the publisher's Twitter statement, not to mention responses on the Rocksmith subreddit (jokingly titled "Subscription Complaint Desk"), also highlight a few common sticking points, most notably the lack of a playback feature (for your own performance) and the variety of songs available for certain genres. Here's hoping everyone's happy when the app, game, lesson thing arrives next year.

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