Rocket League Season 4 introduces new modes and more later this week

Rocket League
(Image credit: Psyonix)

Rocket League Season 4 is arriving later this week for all platforms.

Earlier today, developer Psyonix announced the release date for the forthcoming Season 4 of Rocket League through a press release. As ever, there'll be a brand new Rocket Pass and a Rocket Pass Premium to unlock and progress through, the latter of which will offer over 70 tiers of rewards and a new Outlaw car for players.

Elsewhere in the new Season 4 update later this week, there's the new Deadeye Canyon Arena. This brand new map is, as you've probably guessed from the name of the map itself, themed around the arid American West, and will be available in all standard playlists when the update goes live.

There's also several new limited-time modes coming to Rocket League. Starting on August 12, a day after the Season 4 update goes live, 2v2 Heatseekers will be put into rotation, followed by Speed Demon's arrival a week later on August 19. Finally, Spring Loaded will be coming out of private matches into the full game at some point in the future.

There'll also be a streamer safe music mode, where copyright music is automatically disabled, and an expanded roster of Competitive Tournament modes including 2v2 and Extra Modes. Finally, there'll be some quality of life adjustments elsewhere in Rocket League, including undersized party rank restrictions, improvements to casual matches, and much more.

It doesn't stop there for Rocket League, as Psyonix is adding James Bond DLC to the action-packed game through several classic 007 cars.

Hirun Cryer

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