Rocket League's getting paid car DLC, but spectator mode and maps are free

Rocket League's taken off like it has some kind of explosive jet engine strapped to its back since it hit PS4 and PC earlier this month, and it's almost ready to get its first DLC pack and major update - the latter of which will include the oft-requested spectator mode.

The Supersonic Fury DLC pack will add two new Battle-Cars to your garage: the American muscle-inspired Dominus, and the Japanese tuner-inspired Takumi. They come with six decals each, while your whole garage will benefit from two new rocket boosts, two new wheel sets, and five new paint types. The $3.99/€3.99 pack also adds some new trophies to earn, and is planned for release in early August.

You won't have to pay to get the aforementioned spectator mode, which Psyonix plans to push out in a free update within the next few weeks. And you'll have plenty of new stuff to gawk at, thanks to the new Utopia Coliseum map, updated explosion and demolition effects, and 70 additional country flags included in the update.

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