Rocket League adds the James Bond Aston Martin Valhalla

Rocket League's latest movie tie-in means you can expect to see James Bond's latest car turning up in the game from October 7, the Aston Martin Valhalla from No Time To Die.

The Bond tie-in actually started way back in July, but this is the first time the Valhalla has been up for grabs. The Bond 007 Collection also gives you the chance to purchase the Aston Martin DB5, and you can score the 007 Aston Martin DB5 Player Banner, Agent 007 Avatar Border, and the 00 Agent Player Title by completing three special challenges in the game. The Valhalla will cost you 1100 in-game credits, while 2000 will get you that and the DB5. Even Bond loves a bargain. 

No Time to Die features four Aston Martins over its near three-hour runtime, with the DB5, V8 Vantage, DBS Superleggera, and Valhalla all getting their time in the limelight. True petrolheads will notice that the Valhalla that appears in the movie is a little different from the one very rich people can now buy - delays to the film's release mean the design has changed since the early Valhalla prototype from 2019 that was used during shooting. 

This isn't the first time Rocket League has featured a famous car, with the DeLorean from Back to the Future, Fast and Furious Dodge Chargers, and the Batman Vs Superman Batmobile all appearing to mark various film events. The Valhalla is the first hybrid car to appear in the game though, which hopefully means an end to climate change for the Rocket League universe. 

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Rachel Weber
Managing Editor, US

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