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Rocket Arena season 2 adds a new playable character this week

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Rocket Arena is kicking off its second season of content Wednesday, October 7. There's a bunch of new stuff coming in season 2, including an adorable new playable character called Leef, new bot types, a new PvE mode, some balancing updates, and more.

First and foremost, the new playable character is a total charmer. The little "elfin critter" uses a magic wooden staff to fire off rockets that explode into enemies upon impact. Once you've flung enough rockets around to fully charge Leef's staff, it unleashes a big ol' beam attack. And as you'd expect from a character Leef's size, you can also use Warp Dash to charge around the arena and dodge attacks. Meanwhile, its equally precious companion, called Flitt, flies around enemies and cocoons them in an energy field mid-air.

There's also a new PvE mode called Bot Knockout where you can play against AI-controlled enemies solo or with friends. Season 2 also increases the amount of characters that can be bots to include Jayto, Blastbeard, Amphora, and Izell.

The max on character levels has been increased to 125 per character, and you get an emerald gemstone outfit for reaching the limit. Additionally, there are now three daily challenges and three weekly challenges to complete. Some gameplay updates include omnidirectional movement for Dodge and a speed boost when you get coins in Treasure Hunt. Finally, Flux, Jayto, and Mysteen have had some balancing updates implemented for Rocket Arena season 2. You can get the complete list of changes in the Rocket Arena season 2 patch notes (opens in new tab).

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